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Reviews by Adrian Lesley

Adrian Lesley
Adrian Lesley
As proprietor of CigarsUnlimited I am frequently asked what my favourite cigar is or if I am able to recommend a particular cigar ? But the truth is that everyone’s palate is different and what may appeal to one person may not to another cigar smoker.

Below we have collated many of the reviews I have written in past and recent months which give some indication of just how different cigars can be and whether they may appeal to you

I have included the good, the bad and the indifferent. Both Cuban and non-Cuban brands of all sizes as a rough guide to what is on the market and what is new . Needless to say we almost always hold stock of the cigars featured so if a particular cigar appeals you can buy it Online via the WebSite.

Trying new cigars is an adventure which hopefully leads one to the discovery of cigars which will become firm favourites in your humidor. Bon Voyage

Adrian Lesley

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