CigarSpa Humidifiers

High-Tech Humidity Regulation - at the Press of a Button !

CigarSpa has been designed to fit into virtually every humidor and offers a high tech and reliable means of humidity regulation for the accurate storage and conditioning of fine cigars between 55% & 75% relative humidity. Most appropriate for larger humidors designed to hold 75 cigars plus these compact units run for up to 2 years using just 4 AA batteries and can be programmed to achieve a very precise level of humidity + or - 2% accuracy.

Controlled by an intelligent microprocessor they provide an ideal means of humidification for either large humidors and small cabinets between 60 and 100cms high and 80cms wide in size. Larger cabinets up to 170cms in height with even greater volume may require the Cigar Spa Pro or 80 model. You can set and control the exact level of moisture your cigars are exposed to by easily programming the digital display which also gives a temperature reading. You have in-built warning alerts for both low battery and low water levels. You must only use distilled or deionised water in these units. One refill is good for up to 4 months operation.

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