Davidoff Yamasa Cigars

The new Davidoff Yamasá series combines tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with a wrapper and binder from the Yamasá region. The earthiness of the Yamasá region together with the spice and sweetness of the Nicaraguan Estelí and Condega tobaccos and the Dominican Piloto and Mejorado tobaccos will rouse your taste buds like never before. The cigar has a deep and complex body that slowly reveals itself through an array of beautiful flavors: nuts and spices, coffee, cedar wood and notes of black pepper. It’s a cigar that burns with the same pioneering sense as its creator. In fact, you’ll wonder how it was done. The answer – the strong conviction that in fact, it could be done.

Davidoff Yamasa  Piramides / Pack of 4

Davidoff Yamasa Piramides / Pack of 4

Price: 150.00
Ref: 0804

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