Diplomaticos Cigars

Introduced in 1966, predominately for the French market, as a less expensive version of Montecristo. The Diplomaticos cigar range is identical to that of Montecristo Numbers 1 through 5.

All the cigars taste similar to Montecristo but are characteristically milder, having been blended to suit the French preference for mild cigars. A pleasant cigar that represents excellent value for money.

Unfortunately from 2010 the range now being reduced to just one vitola - the No. 2, as the No.1, No.4 and No.5 have been discontinued by Habanos SA.

While some cigar smokers will miss some of their personal favourites, it should be remembered that these cigars will be available in the UK market for some time to come.

Flavour Ranking: Medium to Full.

Diplomaticos No.2  / Box of 25

Diplomaticos No.2 / Box of 25

Price: 555.00
Ref: 0705

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