J Cortes Sumatran

J Cortes Sumatran Corona Tubos Cigar is an elegant and smooth luxury short filler cigar with a subtle aroma. A perfect Wedding cigar.

The J Cortes make an excellent offering for wedding Cigars. They are great value and don’t break the bank, they are mild so won’t have the less experienced guest sat in the corner going green and more experienced Cigar smokers will enjoy them and appreciate the gesture.

The High Class are rolled using a complex blend of Honduran, Sumatran, Java, Brazilian, Dominican, Nicaraguan and Cuban leaves which provide a rich woody flavours in a smooth smoke. An excellent Cigar for the money. With its light, mellow, well rounded flavour with subtle aromas, this cigar is suitable for both novice and the experiences smoker.

The J.Cortes Sumatran Corona cigar does not need to be cut and can be enjoyed fresh, straight from the tube that measures 5 3/8" with a 38 ring gauge.

This cigar does not require a cigar cutter. They are pre-cut and ready for enjoyment.

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