Habanos Limited Edition Cigars

The " Edicion Limitada " originally made its appearance in 2001 with the launch of the Partagas Piramides - still regarded by some as one of the best cigars to date. Characterized by a specially prepared and aged dark Maduro wrapper the cigars sported a unique gold and black band with the year of production. The distinctive wrapper leaf for these cigars receives an additional mini fermentation for a period up to 25 days at higher than normal temperatures to achieve the unique dark, marbled texture. This additional fermentation also serves to impart approximately 10% more strength to the cigar as indicated by the "toasted" taste of the tobacco.

Limited Edition cigars are made from specially selected tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo zone which is widely regarded as the finest tobacco growing land in the world. All the leaves used have been aged for a minimum of two years and the vitola (size) is not currently found in the standard brand portfolio.

Also since 2004, Habanos SA has released Regional Specialities in a growing number of specific territories Worldwide. These essentially "regional" brands are only gleamed from the "second" tier of Habanos brands such as Punch, Bolivar, Juan Lopez and Ramon Allones etc. and are now released on an annual basis. The Regional Edition cigars are special limited-production cigars (between 1- 2,000 numbered boxes only) that appeal to aficionados and connoisseurs looking for something unusual.


The Romeo y Julieta 'Tacos' The first of the 2018 Habanos Limited Editions to be released, the Romeo y Julieta Taco represents the 9th occasion that the brand has been selected to be part of these prestigious and highly sought after series of cigars.

Presented in labelled boxes of 25 and measuring 6 5/8" x 49 ring gauge, this rare impressive size offers over an hour of rich yet rounded and smooth medium bodied aromas due to the extra ageing.

Limited Edition cigars use only the finest tobacco leaves grown in the Vuelta Abajo zone in Cuba. Each leaf selected for use has been aged for a minimum of two years which melds and rounds the flavours and aromas to provide the distinct smoking signature associated with Limited Edition cigars.

The Bolivar 'Soberanos' (54 ring gauge x 140 mm in the length). Bolivar has only been selected on two previous occasions to be Habanos Limited Edition. This was the Petit Belicosos in 2009 and the Super Coronas in 2014. Therefore the Soberano is a welcome addition for lovers of this full bodied, robust brand.

The cigars are presented in SLB boxes of 10 and measure 5 ½" (140mm) x 54 ring gauge . This vitolais known in the factories of Cuba as a "Duke" and was originally made famous by the much-loved 2009 Limited Edition Romeo y Julieta Duke. Since then the size has also been used for the extremely popular Partagas Serie E No.2 which was introduced to the standard Partagas portfolio in 2011.

"Sovereign " is the literal translation of Soberano and this wide girth, full-bodied cigar seems a suitable powerful treasure to bear such a regal name.

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