Montecristo No.2 / Single Cigar

Montecristo No.2 / Single Cigar
Montecristo No.2 / Single Cigar

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Price: 30.00

Ref: 0414

Length: 6 1/8"   Ring Gauge: 52   

A classic in its own right. Ever since the brand was launched back in 1935 the No.2 has been the Torpedo by which we measure all others. Furthermore it is fair to say that this cigar eclipses all other Montecristos. No where else is the typically bitter, tangy taste and heavy presence of bean flavours like cocoa, coffee and vanilla so well balanced. The late Lord Grade, film tycoon and mogul, was one of its biggest fans. Upon his retirement importers Hunters & Frankau presented him with an exact replica of a box of No.2’s fashioned from solid silver in gratitude for his unstinting devotion and copious consumption of what for many is regarded as the best torpedo.

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