Cigars: A Guide by Nicholas Foulkes

Cigars: A Guide by Nicholas Foulkes
Cigars: A Guide by Nicholas Foulkes

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World renowned expert Nicholas Foulkes reveals the joy of cigars in this fully-comprehensive guide.

Cigars will take you on an astonishing journey through landscapes, scents and an incredible roll call of the great, the good and the not-so-good. The cigar has provided solace and a chance for worldly contemplation to generations of thinkers, businessmen, writers, entrepreneurs, and connoisseurs. In this elegiac offering to the pinnacles of hand-rolled tobacco, world-renowned expert Nicholas Foulkes guides you through the myths, legends, nuances, and delicious realities of the smoke-savouring universe, serving as an introduction for the neophyte and a reference for the connoisseur.

About the book itself:

Format: Hardback,

Publishers: Cornerstone , Preface Publishing

Publication date: 15 Apr 2017

Pages: 256

Product dimensions: 148 x 227 x 28mm

Weight: 722g

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