Partagas Serie D No.6 / Single

Partagas Serie D No.6 / Single
Partagas Serie D No.6 / Single

Price: 18.00

Ref: 1073

Length: 3½"   Ring Gauge: 50   

The No.6 is the newest recruit to the Partagas D series and joins the iconic Serie D No.4 Robusto and the milder Serie D No.5 Petit Robusto as an altogether shorter, contemporary smoke. Whilst retaining the same 50 ring gauge the No.6 is the shortest in length at 3½" (90mm), making this short yet stout cigar ideal as a brief smoke whilst retaining all the rich aromas associated with Partagas. On first acquaintance I found the cigar to be a trifle coarse at the outset, but the cigar quickly mellowed and developed the familiar taste and flavour profile one has come to associate with this venerable brand. The cigars are presented in a unique attractive SBN box containg 20 cigars in two rows of 10. A must for devotees of the Partagas brand !

Brand: Partagas

Shop name: Serie D No.6

Factory name: No.6

Dimensions: 3½ (90mm) x 50 ring gauge

Presentation: Boxes of 20

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