At JCure London we aim to provide unique luxury designs at a reasonable price. We make limited runs and never mass produce. We make special items for special people. Those who have knowledge and admiration for exotic skins are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised by our pricing compared to other brands on the market.
The Farm
The reason we are able to price our products so well is because we source the skins from our own farm in Colombia.
The farm has been in the Cure family for generations and they have ben key players in exporting crocodile skins. The skins are imported to the UK according to all CITES requirements.
Jose Cure was inspired by the patterns and natural beauty of these exotic skins and decided to create his own vision of luxury crocodile goods.
The Factory
Having a passion for fashion and luxury Jose Cure teamed up with premium leather accessories manufacturer, Dennis Tura and together founded J.Cure London in 2007, making unique hand crafted belts and accessories.
The East London workshop is where the creations come to life, giving J.Cure London a true British sophistication and style.
All products are hand made or hand finished by experienced artisans giving them a truly unique quality.