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It is with great sadness and regret that we wish to inform all our customers of the passing of our dear friend and cigar aficionado Mr Simon Chase.

Simon was a great friend and patron of CigarsUnlimited ever since we first opened our shop in Moore Park Road back in 2002- as he lived in the very same street in Fulham for over 30 years.

Since 1977 Simon had worked as Marketing Director for Hunters & Frankau Ltd, the UK's importer of Cuban cigars, also based here in Fulham. He retired in 2009 but continued to work as non - Executive Director and consultant to the tobacco trade here in the UK.

As Chairman of the Imported Tobacco Products Advisory Council Simon tirelessly campaigned to secure an exemption to the Smoking Ban in 2007 that allowed the "sampling" of cigars in specialist shops. Thereafter Simon would frequently be found in our own humble establishment enjoying the company of fellow cigar smokers and enthusiasts on a Saturday afternoon.

On Christmas Eve each year, just before closing time, Simon would stop by to enjoy a little tipple and a cigar. Over many years this became a tradional pre-Christmas celebration. Of course over the past twenty years or so I have many such fond memories of the occasions both here in the UK and in Cuba that we enjoyed each others company - always accompanied by a fine Cuban cigar.

Simon will be greatly missed by all in the cigar fraternity throughout the World who came to respect and share in his unrivalled knowledge of fine cigars and enjoy his good humour.

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