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Robert Caldwell’s affinity for cigars began after visiting Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s factory in Little Havana when he was just 12 years old. He was immediately drawn to the craftsmanship, complexity and grace of cigar manufacturing. Little did he know that 20 years later he would release such a special cigar with Ernesto. Anastasia is Robert Caldwell’s pride and joy. Anastasia closes the circle of his journey through the industry back to the spark of initial interest that led to a life dedicated to premium cigar manufacturing.

Officially the cigar is simply called Anastasia but it is actually the fourth cigar to be released under this name, previous Anastasia releases had either blue or green bands but this release is the Anastasia Yellow Band. It is made in the Dominican Republic but the factory and blend are being kept a closely guarded secret.

These medium full bodied cigars have creamy notes of caramel, malt and spice with hints of leather and cedar.

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