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Aging Room premium cigars are the brainchild of master blender Rafael Nodal and his highly regarded Boutique Blends Company. First introduced by Rafael in 2010, Boutique Blends is a group of highly skilled artisans that blend and roll every cigar in small batch fashion to provide pristine construction and consistently great taste from one smoke to the next.
Highlighting this storied brand portfolio is the 91-rated Aging Room Bin No.1, a savoury full-bodied smoke made entirely of vintage Cuban seed tobaccos, and the enormously popular Aging Room Quattro F55. This 93-rated gem was the highest rated non-Cuban cigar on CA’s Top 25 Cigars of the Year in 2013.
Enthusiasts in search of a tamer and smoother smoke will want to check out the Aging Room Havano, a scrumptious mellow to medium bodied masterpiece that serves up rich flavours of cocoa, leather, nuts, and hints of spice. In addition to these award-winning blends, Aging Room has the perfect cigar to suit every smokers preferred strength profile.

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