Habana 2000 cigars are 100% long filler hand made in Estelí Nicaragua.

Estelí is home to the majority of Nicaraguan cigar production and the lands around Estelí is perfect for growing tobacco for use in cigars.

The Estelí region has black and fertile soil and produces a heavy, full-flavored tobacco leaf. It is characteristically dark, and rich with full aromas, body, and flavour. Estelí is known for producing the most powerful of all Nicaraguan tobacco.

Habana 2000 wrapper seeds from Cuba is now being cultivated in the Americas and most maintain that it’s a better quality wrapper than Connecticut and Sumatra-based types. Habana 2000 that is wrapped around non-Cuban cigars is the most important innovation in the premium cigar market since Dominican-shade wrapper hit the market in 1995.

The tobacco is oily and dark, with silky texture. It has rich, complex and muscular flavours and heady toasty aromas.

The addition of Habana 2000 varieties seems to have lifted these cigars from the ranks of the ordinary into the category of the most sought cigars.