Coronas Gordas

Coronas Gordas or “fat” coronas are a size of cigar to which one often graduates when a standard petit corona or indeed corona no longer satisfies the desire for an altogether more serious smoke. Here is a format which allows the character of a given blend of tobaccos to fully express itself offering a little more in terms of smoking satisfaction. As a novice smoker I found that my interest in cigars developed in direct proportion to their size and the Corona Gorda size became a favourite with a wide selection of choice in almost every brand.

Trinidad Coloniales

Trinidad Coloniales – Cuba ( 5.25 inches / 132mm x 44 ring gauge ) rrp £19.00

The Trinidad brand was created by master blender Raul Valadares and first launched Worldwide. Given the benefit of aging we can now begin to gauge the true nature of this unique blend of Cuban tobaccos. Whilst the Coloniales, with its distinctive -pig tail- cap, is marginally shorter and thinner than the standard vitola it nevertheless offers an intriguing complexity that represents excellent value. Available in packs of just five in addition to the standard cabinet of 24 cigars

Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez Selection No.1 – Cuba (5.58 inches / 143mm x 46 ring gauge) rrp £21.00

Not quite so easy to generally source but well worth trying the Selection No.1 comes in cabinet selections of 25 cigars and retains all the intrinsic character of this increasingly popular second -string Cuban brand. Great floral almost vegetal aroma and medium strength underline its appeal. Possibly more refined than its sister cigar the Selection No.2 Robusto but good value in comparison to other cigars in this format.

Punch Punch

Punch Punch – Cuba ( 5.58 inches / 143mm x 46 ring gauge ) rrp £21.00

The Punch Punch is a classic and benchmark for the corona gorda size. It has a near perfect balance in terms of flavour, strength and aroma which makes it possibly the most popular and approachable cigar within this particular brand. Soon to be launched later this year in smart new tubes in packs of three cigars which will undoubtedly increase its popularity even further.

Partagas Serie C No.3 Limited edition 2012

Partagas Serie C No.3 Limited edition 2012 – Cuba (5.5 inches / 140mm x 48 ring gauge ) N/A

An excellent, well balanced Corona Gorda with typical Partagas aroma and flavour allied to excellent combustion. Finally we see the release of a truly excellent cigar within this format from Partagas. Neither the original Partagas D3 from 2001 nor the subsequent reprise of the same cigar in 2006 quite hit the mark. Prices for aged cigars dating from both releases have not reached expectations. But two years ago the Serie D Especial, with its larger ring gauge, hinted at the potential for this vitola. This years offering in the form of the Serie C No.3 is certainly the best example thus far. Recommended.