Gran Robustos

As tastes and fashions change with the passing of time so does the style and size of cigars. During the 1990’s the Robusto format held sway. Upwardly mobile young executives craved a short fat cigar that offered a big effect which didn’t take an age to smoke. But with the new Millennium came a demand for even “bigger and better” cigars. We entered a new era of the “Gran Robusto“.

The Cohiba Siglo VI

The Cohiba Siglo VI – Cuba ( 5.78 inches x 52 ring gauge ) rrp £43.00

Arguably the best cigar to have come out of Cuba since the Millennium the Cohiba Siglo VI has a totally unique size or vitola known as the “Canonazo” or canon reserved solely for this prince of Cohibas. Since it was launched in the summer of 2003 it has become “the” cigar with which to celebrate life by virtue of its awesome appeal. It is positively “moor-ish”. Stronger than a regular Siglo series with an almost peppery overtone. The flavour and strength of the cigar aligned to its superb combustion and size impart a sense of luxury. One is savouring Cuban tobacco at its very best with all the subtle nuance of taste and aroma for which Havanas are famous. By general consenus worth every penny of the £30.00 one pays for the privilege !