Limited, Regional Editions & Specialities

Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso UK

Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso UK Regional Speciality 2012, Cuba ( 5.00 inches / 127 mm x 52 ring gauge ) N/A

I would have liked to have seen this new cigar come in boxes of 25 rather than just 10 cigars but the latest Regional Edition to be made for the U.K has fortunately been produced in double the quantity normally reserved for exclusive single market release ! This pocket torpedo will not disappoint fans of the marque and may well improve with age. But whether it has the impact, balance and flavour of the original 2007 Belicosos Finos is difficult to discern at this early stage. It has a rich, earthy almost caramel taste, burns evenly and develops a fuller flavour quite quickly finishing on an intense high note. I am just pleased that Cuba has produced a decent cigar to eradicate the memory of the non descript Ramon Allones “Extra” Limited Edition from 2011? Recommended.

Por Larranaga 'Sobresalientes'

Por Larranaga ‘Sobresalientes’ Regional Speciality Great Britain 2014 ( 6 inches / 153 mm x 53 ring gauge ) N/A

“Measuring 6 inches ( 153mm ) x 53 ring gauge, it is the first time the Sobresalientes vitola has been launched in the Por Larranaga brand and like the previous 2007 Regional Edition “Magnifico” it will sport a special two colour gold band. The cigars are released in boxes of 10 cigars and only 5,000 numbered boxes have been produced for exclusive sale here in the U.K. “The flavour profile of this new cigar is very similar to the previous “Magnifico”. A relatively mild cigar full of subtle flavours which will undoubtedly develop with age. Certainly one to lay down for future consumption. ” Recommended.

Cohiba Robusto Supremo Limited

Cohiba Robusto Supremo Limited Edition 2014 ( 5 inches / 127 mm x 58 ring gauge ) £80.00

We should count ourselves as fortunate that we have finally received stock of the new Cohiba Supremo Limited Edition 2014 given the issues that beset cigar production in Cuba at present. Measuring an impressive if not intimidating 5 inches x 58 ring gauge the new Cohiba Robusto enjoys one of the widest ring gauges ever to be found on a Habano. Initially I was rather sceptical of how such a blockbuster of a cigar might smoke ? But the draw and construction is excellent throughout. In fact so smooth is the cigar that it takes longer than one would imagine to consume. The wrapper leaves are typical of what we have seen in past releases, Their dark mottled, almost marbled appearance hinting at an intrinsic richness of flavour. But surprisingly I didn’t find the blend to be overly strong. Certainly not as mild as a Piramides Extra but lacking the familiar and irresistible flavour of cigars in the Cohiba “classic ” line. The taste is subtly different, much as that of a Behike but without the punch in the final third that typifies the presence of “Medio Tiempo” in the latter. I think the Supremo needs some time to settle down much as the Cohiba Sublimes LE 2004 experienced a protracted “sick” period upon release but evolved into a superbly rich and complex cigar ! Recommended.

Montecristo Churchill Añejados

Montecristo Churchill Añejados ( 7 inches / 178 mm x 47 ring gauge ) £35.00

Can’t remember when a Churchill size last appeared sporting a Montecristo band let alone made from aged tobacco but hey ho here we have a cigar that may well delight those devotees of the brand. Felt when sampling the new cigar that it was somewhat one- dimensional and didn’t really deliver in the final third ? Rather akin to either the No.1 or No.3 sizes of old in balance and taste albeit the aged tobacco did offer a refined smoke. One for die hard fans of Montecristo in a year in which the brand celebrates its 80th Anniversary !

Partagas Dbl corona

Partagas Dbl corona 170th Aniversario ( 7 5/8 inches / 157 mm x 49 ring gauge ) £50.00

Produced exclusively for the “Friends of Partagas ” mini cigar festival in November 2015 the 170th Anniversario cigar is quintessentially an old-style Double Corona with its own unique and distinctive band. This is a cigar not to be rushed but savoured the entire length of its 7.58 inches because on first acquaintance it does not scream the word “Partagas” with either its flavour or aroma. It has a very subtle character – entirely appropriate for a cigar of this size. It evolves and develops slowly weaving a spell all its very own. Fortunately its combustion is faultless and as one approaches the final third it gains in intensity and flavor. Verdict – In the course of time this could develop into a really good cigar. It’s early days yet but it may well become a real classic akin to the old -style Lusitanias.

Romeo y Julieta Piramides

Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejadas ( 6 1/8 inches / 157 mm x 52 ring gauge ) £32.50

Out of the blue we now have stock of a new cigar from Romeo y Julietamade from 5 to 8 year aged tobacco ! This offering may mark a new trend for Habanos in releasing cigars in popular sizes rolled from aged tobacco. A new Montecristo Churchill has also been made available but it is this Piramides that impresses me most with plenty of typical flavour and aroma that one would associate with the best Romeo has to offer ! A refined smoke in a size not previously made in this brand – although I do have a rare box of 25 such cigars acquired in Cuba some 12 years ago apparently made as a special one-off commission for an Italian client ?

Montecristo 520

Montecristo 520 Limited Edition 2012 ( 6.18 inches / 155 mm x 55 ring gauge ). N/A

Cigar Aficionados first glimpsed this cigar when it was distributed at the 14th annual cigar festival in Havana earlier this year. Described as a “maravillas No.3” or robusto extra this 55 ring gauge 6.18 inch cigar is a real treat for Montecristo fans. Having smoked a couple of cigars since their U.K. release I am very impressed with its overall refinement and would say it is the best offering from Montecristo since the 2008 Sublimes.The traditional maduro wrappers are a pleasingly dark shade and yet smooth to touch. The construction is excellent with the resultant combustion near faultless. Generally it is hard to achieve such a balance between flavour, strength and effect in such a large cigar, But I have to say, speaking as one who is not a die hard Montecristo devotee, that I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar on each occasion. Great size and delicious flavour. The best Montecristo for quite some time ! RECOMMENDED !