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Montecristo Doble Edmundo

Montecristo Doble Edmundo ( 6.18 inches / 155 mm x 50 ring gauge ).rrp £29.00

Launched on the Opening Night Welcome Party at the 15th Annual Habanos Cigar Festival in Havana, Cuba the new Montecristo Double Edmundo is sure not to disappoint fans of the Montecristo brand. At first glance this large, well made and attractive cigar stands out with an all new and vastly improved band design which looks set to become the norm for future Montecristo cigars. Just the smell of the tobacco alone indicates its appeal and once lit exudes a typical aroma which will please many a connoisseur. The cigar feels well made and firm between the fingers and it doesn’t take long for a near perfect ash to form over the first inch or so. Its initial taste is typically Montecristo without being overtly strong and is complemented with a distinct and typical flavour akin to the original Edmundo. I can recall the launch of the Edmundo at the Liberal Club here in London some years ago and have to say that this new cigar has a very similar appeal. Its pleasingly mild flavour grows as the cigar is consumed, gaining strength and complexity in turn. Quite extraordinary for a fresh cigar with little or no age. In conclusion this is a particularly well made and consistent cigar which I enjoyed right down to the final inch. Highly Recommended

Hoyo de Monterrey

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de San Juan ( 5 7/8inches / 150 mm x 54 ring gauge ) £29.50

Not surprisingly the new Hoyo “San Juan” – named after the town of San Juan Y Martinez in the heart of Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo, is a relatively mild, large cigar with a heavy 54 ring gauge that provides a refined smoke with a relatively light aroma.Both Seco & Ligero leaves from the renowned plantations that make San Juan Y Martinez famous are key to the intrinsic character of this cigar. From the outset it is pleasantly approachable but gradually builds to end on a stronger more flavourful note in keeping with the Hoyo de Monterrey brand. Could this become a firm favourite of afficionados like the fabled Double Corona ? Only time will tell. My intuition is that it will likely improve once production is established. Recommended.

Punch Punch 48

Punch Punch 48 ( 5½ inches / 140 mm x 48 ring gauge ) £24.50

A cigar exclusive to the Casa del Habano, the new Punch 48 is certainly one of the better Cuban cigars to be released in recent memory. Shame it is only available in boxes of 10 cigars. Although mild, its construction is excellent and combustion amongst the best. The consistent And attractive shade of wrapper leaf is a sight for sore eyes given the paucity of good wrappers that have adorned Cuban cigars of late. If you are looking for a mild, medium length smoke that perfectly reflects the taste and character of Punch as a brand this is it. Recommended !

Cohiba Medio Siglo

Cohiba Medio Siglo ( 4 inches / 101 mm x 52 ring gauge ) £27.00

As part of Cohiba’s 50th anniversary celebrations last year, a new vitola or size wasIntroduced to their “La Linea 1492” or Siglo range called the Medio Siglo.Translating to “half century” the new cigar is the first new vitola to be added to the Siglo range of cigars since the Siglo V1 back in 2002 and is destined to become as iconic. I believe this small, compact and chunky little cigar will have a huge impact and become a favourite of those who enjoy the brand. Why you may ask ? Well the Medio Siglo carries the girth of a Siglo VI ( 52 RING GAUGE ) and the length of a Siglo 1 ( 4 inches ). It’s a hybrid of two hugely popular vitolas and epitomises the current fashion for short, fat cigars which can be consumed in a relatively short time frame. More importantly the blend of tobaccos is instantly recognisable as Cohiba at its best. They taste as good as they smoke. Enjoy !

Trinidad 'Vigia' ( 41/3 inches / 110 mm x 54 ring gauge )

Trinidad ‘Vigia’ ( 41/3 inches / 110 mm x 54 ring gauge ) £25.00

A New Year ( 2015 ) and a new cigar for the Trinidad range !After the Robusto Extra and Robusto T were discontinued the new “Vigia” is a welcome addition for a brand which was in danger of no longer sporting a robusto size. Measuring four and one third inches and boasting a 54 ring gauge the new cigar offers a chunky smoke full of typical Trindad flavours and aroma. No surprises here then – just a re-working of the usual robusto format with a more fashionable, heavier gauge.

Quai d'Orsay No.50

Quai d’Orsay No.50 ( 4 3/8 inches / 110 mm x 50 ring gauge ) £16.50

As part of the re-launch / revamp of the Quai d’Orsay brand we have recently received the new No.50 cigar which weighs in at 4.38 inches x 50 ring gauge. This well made Short Robusto might be described as something of a novelty. Mild mannered and sporting a typically light wrapper this quint essentially “French” Cuban brand provides what I would describe as a pleasant, short afternoon smoke. The makeover has elevated its profile by means of a modern, eye catching band imprinted with “No.50”. No doubt this design will be replicated when the larger Quai d’Orsay No.54 is released later this year. Both cigars will be made available in dress boxes of 10 and 25 cigars. Recommended as a good “beginners” cigar.