Cohiba Sublimes Limited Edition 2004 ( 6.5 inches / 164 mm x 54 ring gauge ). N/A

A Big cigar for the big occasion with a 54 ring gauge and aged, dark Maduro wrapper.The Cohiba Sublimes initially went through a protracted “sick” period when first released in 2004. Fans of the brand were disappointed and this expensive cigar failed to ignite any passion amongst devotees. However today what remaining examples are available are smoking extremely well indeed. A big, rich and complex smoke best enjoyed after a large lunch and wine. Superb draw and construction underpin a memorable ” Cohiba ” experience. Recommended.

Montecristo 520

Montecristo 520 Limited Edition 2012 ( 6.18 inches / 155 mm x 55 ring gauge ). N/A

Cigar Aficionados first glimpsed this cigar when it was distributed at the 14th annual cigar festival in Havana earlier this year. Described as a “maravillas No.3” or robusto extra this 55 ring gauge 6.18 inch cigar is a real treat for Montecristo fans. Having smoked a couple of cigars since their U.K. release I am very impressed with its overall refinement and would say it is the best offering from Montecristo since the 2008 Sublimes.The traditional maduro wrappers are a pleasingly dark shade and yet smooth to touch. The construction is excellent with the resultant combustion near faultless. Generally it is hard to achieve such a balance between flavour, strength and effect in such a large cigar, But I have to say, speaking as one who is not a die hard Montecristo devotee, that I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar on each occasion. Great size and delicious flavour. The best Montecristo for quite some time ! RECOMMENDED !