The Maduro 5 Range

The Cohiba Maduro 5 range of cigars marks the first new range of cigars for the premium Cuban brand for mre than fifteen years and reflects the trend to “down size” cigars in the light of anti-smoking legislation.

However what the cigars may lack in actual size is compensated by sheer quality and complexity. With such fanciful names as “Secret”, “Magic” and “Genius” one may tempted to under estimate their impact but for my money – and they are expensive – we are looking at arguably the finest Maduros yet produced by Habanos ! Their alluring, dark and distinctive wrappers have been aged for no less than five years and this factor undoubtedly holds the key to their appeal.


Cohiba Maduro 5 “Genios” – Cuba (5.5 inches x 52 ring gauge) rrp £42.50

While the larger “Genios“ is a masterpiece of refinement. Slow burning, rich and seductive these cigars add a new dimension to Cohibas. Worth every penny if you can afford them !


Cohiba Maduro 5 “Magicos” – Cuba (4.50 inches x 52 ring gauge) rrp £36.00

“Magicos“ conforms to the popular new “short“ Robusto format. Full flavour and an intense smoke overall. Best to enjoy this robusto after a heavy dinner or in the evening with an espresso. The 5 years of aging in the leaf’s of this cigar offers an extended taste of roast almonds and earth


Cohiba Maduro 5 “Secretos” – Cuba (4.00 inches x 40 ring gauge) rrp £20.00

The “Secretos” may be the smallest of the new trio but is surprisingly the strongest, echoing the identical Trindad “Reyes” when it was launched alongside the larger “Coloniales” and “ Robusto Extra” back in 2003.