Top Torpedos

There is something about a Torpedo which is synominous with success. It’s impressive size and shape makes an emphatic statement. It is the one cigar above all that we tend to associate with moguls and millionaires. If you wish to celebrate in style then do so with a torpedo !

At just over six inches in length and sporting a fifty two ring gauge the “Piramides” is an impressive cigar by anyone’s standards. Tapered at one end and frequently “box” pressed its unique shape seems to chanel smoke more readily into ones mouth. The effect tends to amplify the subtle nuance of the tobacco and nature of the blend. A big smoke most appropriate for those of a large stature.

Partagas Serie P No.2 Cuba

Romeo y Julieta Piramides Añejadas ( 6.18 inches / 157 mm x 52 ring gauge ) £32.50

Out of the blue we now have stock of a new cigar from Romeo y Julietamade from 5 to 8 year aged tobacco ! This offering may mark a new trend for Habanos in releasing cigars in popular sizes rolled from aged tobacco.

A new Montecristo Churchill has also been made available but it is this Piramides that impresses me most with plenty of typical flavour and aroma that one would associate with the best Romeo has to offer ! A refined smoke in a size not previously made in this brand – although I do have a rare box of 25 such cigars acquired in Cuba some 12 years ago apparently made as a special one-off commission for an Italian client ?

Partagas Serie P No.2 Cuba

Partagas Serie P No.2 Cuba ( 6.18 inches / mm x 52 ring gauge ) rrp £26.00

Launched in the Spring of 2005 this relative newcomer has taken time to settle down. Rolled in the new La Corona factory the cigar initially failed ignite any passion amongst fans of Partagas. Many preferred the excellent Limited Edition Piramides released in 2001. However it might be too early to judge a cigar which has a particularly high concentration of ligero leaf from the very top of the tobacco plant and rates as one of the strongest cigars currently commercially available. Very heavy earthy and peppery flavours with robust tobacco taste may become tempered with age to produce a classic not dissimilar in style to the fabled D Series. One for the future and best sampled on a full stomach.

Montecristo No.2

Montecristo No.2 – Cuba ( 6.18 inches / mm x 52 ring gauge ) rrp £27.50

A classic in its own right. Ever since the brand was launched back in 1935 the No.2 has been the Torpedo by which we measure all others. Furthermore it is fair to say that this cigar eclipses all other Montecristos. No where else is the typically bitter, tangy taste and heavy presence of bean flavours like cocoa, coffee and vanilla so well balanced. The late Lord Grade, film tycoon and mogul, was one of its biggest fans. Upon his retirement importers Hunters & Frankau presented him with an exact replica of a box of No.2’s fashioned from solid silver in gratitude for his unstinting devotion and copious consumption of what for many is regarded as the best torpedo.

Cohiba Piramides

Cohiba Piramides Extra Cuba ( 6.25 inches / mm x 54 ring gauge ) rrp £47.50

The good news is that his latest offering from Cohiba is a standard offering and not a limited edition. At 6.25 inches and with a substantial 54 ring gauge one would have bitten ones hand off to sample such a large torpedo ten years ago. But unfortunately the blend proves to be something of a disappointment for all but die hard Cohiba fans. It does not have the rich, spicy almost peppery taste of a Siglo VI and is almost bland in comparison being virtually one dimensional from beginning to end !Sure it is a great size with a lot of presence and looks all the better for the new style band but fails to deliver the traditional taste and flavour one would associate with the original “classic” range. Maybe Cohiba had intended this to be a more approachable cigar for the majority of smokers but I was left wanting more ? Will have to wait and see if it will improve with time ..

Montecristo Petit No.2

Montecristo Petit No.2 ( 4 3/4inches / 120 mm x 52 ring gauge ). rrp £22.00

When I first set eyes on this cigar at the 2013 Annual Cigar Festival in Cuba I was immediately impressed by how well made it was. The tapering shape came to an impossibly sharp point and the wrapper was a shade of brown perfectly matched to the subtle design of the new and improved band. I couldn’t wait to try it and was greatly relieved to discover a wealth of flavour and aroma akin to the very best Montecristo No.2’s of old. This “pocket” or Petit No.2 appeared to be a class act and certainly answered the call for a more compact Montecristo that would offer an engaging short smoke. Now that the cigar has finally been released I have had a chance to compare my initial impressions with the finished product and I am delighted to confirm that this is a truly excellent cigar destined to possibly become as popular as the classic No2 Piramide. N.B. Look out for the future release of the special presentation box containing just three cigars. Would make a great gift for any discerning cigar smoker ! Recommended.