Exploring the Hidden Gem: Cigars Unlimited

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In the vast world of cigar aficionados, there emerges a blogger whose journey is not just a personal exploration but a beacon of inspiration for every cigar enthusiast. I recently stumbled upon this hidden gem in the blogosphere, and let me tell you, it’s a breath of fresh air!

This seasoned cigar lover, who humbly admits to feeling like a novice despite years of indulging in the art of cigars, brings a genuine and relatable perspective to the table. The honesty about the peculiar sense of shame that sometimes accompanies this delightful hobby is both refreshing and courageous. It’s a sentiment many of us have felt but seldom express.

What sets this blogger apart is not just their love for cigars but the openness with which they approach the culture surrounding it. Their fondness for enjoying cigars in the cozy lounges and terraces scattered across London adds a personal touch to their narrative. It’s like having a conversation with a friend who shares the same passion.

The decision to confront nervousness head-on and transform it into a positive force is what truly caught my attention. By launching a blog, this enthusiast aims not only to document their journey but to encourage others to join them on the path from hesitant novice to a full-fledged aficionado.

The blogger’s determination to learn, explore the vast array of cigars, step out of their comfort zone, and wholeheartedly embrace this captivating hobby is nothing short of inspiring. It’s a reminder that the world of cigars is not just about smoke and flavor profiles; it’s a journey of self-discovery, growth, and breaking down the barriers that sometimes surround our passions.

And if you’re curious about cigar blogs, you’re in for a treat! The fun cigar challenge they’ve set for themselves promises to be an exciting ride, filled with humour, insights, and, undoubtedly, some delightful cigar discoveries.

In a world where authenticity is a rare find, this cigar blogger shines as a beacon of positivity, inviting us all to share in the joy of embracing our passions without reservation. Here’s to this intrepid enthusiast and the delightful journey they’ve invited us to witness!

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As a cigar enthusiast I have been keen to visit as many different cigar venues across London (and beyond!), as I continue my cigar journey I recently found myself drawn to the allure of Cigars Unlimited, a cigar specialist tucked away in Fulham, South West London.

I think I heard about this place years ago through word of mouth, and I might have even passed by before, as I recall taking a photo of the cigar sign on the store’s front.

Background & My experience

Cigars Unlimited has been in the area since 2000, over two decades ago, conveniently near Fulham Broadway Tube Station, Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre and Chelsea Football Club.

See the location of Cigars Unlimited on Google Maps

Stepping through its doors, I was met with an inviting atmosphere and an eclectic mix of characters, including the affable Leon and the seasoned JP, whose wealth of knowledge about cigars was truly impressive. 

Inside Cigars Unlimited

The store’s interior, adorned with a central seating area, exuded warmth and camaraderie. Complimentary coffee and nibbles are offered to customers, making it a cosy spot to unwind and savour a fine cigar. 

JP of Cigars Unlimited

What particularly stood out was their expansive walk-in humidor, showcasing an extensive selection of Cuban and non-Cuban cigars, all meticulously preserved to perfection. I had a chat with JP, a seasoned member of staff since the store’s inception, discussing the appropriate cigar selection for the occasion. His extensive expertise was truly impressive.

The walk-in humidor at Cigars Unlimited

Beyond this wonderful collection of cigars, Cigars Unlimited also sell their own unique blends, a tempting proposition that I regrettably didn’t have the chance to explore during this particular visit.

The walk-in humidor at Cigars Unlimited

However, the Montecristo Wide Edmundo I indulged in more than made up for it, living up to its renowned reputation. If you haven’t seen my review of that cigar check it out here.

Additonal seating areas around the store, and some cool artworks on display.
The central seating area with cigar lighters, cigar cutters and ashtrays.

It was clear that this was more than just a store; it was a community hub for cigar aficionados. Regulars, with their vibrant stories and shared passion for cigars, added to the welcoming atmosphere, making my visit feel like catching up with old friends

Smoking the Montecristo Wide Edmundo cigar.

The staff’s dedication to customer satisfaction was evident. I couldn’t help but admire the store’s commitment to quality, especially when I witnessed them promptly replacing a broken cigar without any hesitation.

I couldn’t help myself from having a second cigar at this wonderful place, this time I tried Caldwell’s ‘The King Is Dead’

Cigars Unlimited also frequently hosted events, such as the recent and successful Por Larranaga event, showcasing their commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaging cigar culture. It was evident that they took pride in not just selling cigars but in creating memorable experiences for their customers.

The #PL47Launch Event @ Cigars Unlimited with Leon

Here’s a little video from the trip:

My experience: 8 out 10

I was super impressed with this place! It is literally opposite Fulham Broadway Tube Station. Very easy to get too. Leon and JP were the perfect hosts ensuring all guests get a cigar that’s right for them and enjoy their time in the sampling lounge – the community vibe was real. Also, the cigars feel really affordable too, compared to some of the cigar venues in the centre of London. If I were to offer any advice, maybe avoid visiting on a match day, when Chelsea FC are playing a home game, as the area tends to get quite busy around that time.

As I left the store, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for stumbling upon this hidden gem. In a bustling city like London, Cigars Unlimited provided a retreat where time seemed to slow down, allowing one to appreciate the finer things in life and indulge in the simple pleasures of a well-crafted cigar and great conversation.