The marque was originally created in 1846 by Ramon Allones, a Spanish immigrant from Galicia. He is credited with establishing the trend to decorate cigar boxes with colourful lithographs and originating the 8-9-8 form of packaging. Rolled in the Partagas factory the brand offers a commendably small range of cigars not dissimilar to the Partagas marque.

The Gigantes and Specially Selected Robusto are to be particularly recommended. During 2005, the British market was fortunate to have exclusive distribution of a Ramon Allones Belicosos. This was the very first “Regional Edition” created for an exclusive single market. Now the new 225th Anniversary gordito cigar, made again for the U.K. market, serves to cement the brand’s intrinsic appeal to British cigar smokers. Unreservedly a Havana cigar very much to the “English taste” with a beguiling aroma providing a medium to full bodied strength and rich, earthy flavour.

Flavour Ranking: Medium to Full Bodied