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Montecristo is by far the most popular Havana brand. With their characteristic Colorado Claro, slightly oily wrappers and delicate aroma this wide range of cigars offers a medium to full flavour spiked with a unique, tangy taste. Whilst the No 2 Torpedo size has many devotees the No 4 Petit Corona is still the largest selling Havana cigar by size worldwide.

In 2004 the launch of Robusto size “Edmundo” marks the first new cigar in the Montecristo range for 33 years. Rolled in the new H. Upmann factory in Havana the cigar is milder than expected with an excellent draw and very attractive price. It established itself as a favourite among those who enjoy this brand.

In 2005 we have received the Montecristo “D” – a Limited Edition Lonsdale or 8-9-8 size in unique 3-4-3 packaging containing just 10 cigars. A perfect gift for the Montecristo fan.

In 2006 after five successful releases of Limited Editions (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005), Habanos SA has decided decided this year to repeat one of the most popular vitola in the past Montecristo Robusto. The specially aged, dark wrappers for this year’s release are from 2003 crop and each size is offered in a distinctly different presentation from its predecessor.
In 2007 a New Baby arrived ‘The Petit Edmundo’, a small, fat cigar to appeal to those who require a short but involving smoke.
In 2009, for the first time, born in Montecristo a new line: Montecristo Open, which incorporates 4 new vitolas on the brand: Eagle (54 x 150 mm), Regata (46 x 135mm), Master (50 x 124 mm) and Junior (38 x 110mm), designed to satisfy all Montecristo lovers as well as to welcome the new generations who enjoy the pleasures of living “alfresco”.
Montecristo’s perfectly balanced blend is created exclusively with selected leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region, home of the finest tobaccos in the world. Its distinctive medium to full flavour and distinguished aroma appeal equally to both new and experienced smokers.

Montecristo also produces three machine-made cigarillos: the Mini, the Club, and the Purito

Flavour Ranking: Medium to Full