The Backwoods cigar brand is a trendy household machine made “premium cigar”, if you want to call it premium. Backwoods cigars are usually not smoked by those who are looking for high end premium cigars.

The Backwoods is a mixture of all natural and homogenized tobacco with preservative flavoring that is aimed at smokers who are looking for more then just the taste of tobacco in their Backwoods cigars. Being that Backwoods cigars are machine made, the Backwoods are more price driven as low manufacturing costs allow for lower costs in your online cigar store.

When it comes to the Backwoods cigars, cigar aficionados understand that they you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot. Both as an everyday cigar or a special cigar smoke to putter around the golf course with, the Backwoods cigars have a lot to offer.