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The cigars from La Palma are the result of combining the best tobaccos developed in a long and handcraft process following traditional harvest and hand pressing techniques. The Breña leaf present in the blends gives a characteristic intense aroma and a floral flavour with touches of rosemary, berries and nutmeg.

Palmero Cigars are synonymous with quality, of a job well done . Some, taking advantage of our fame, pretend to name as Palmeros other cigars exported from the island. To prevent fraud we have taken the step of having all true La Palma cigars bear an official seal.

One of the most coveted values of this tobacco is its aroma, which follows from good harvests in the areas of La Caldera – from the Hacienda del Cura of the National Park of La Caldera de Taburiente – La Rosa (Villa de Mazo), Breña Alta, Breña Baja, El Paso and Santa Cruz de La Palma. Also they form a round, cylindrical cigar with an even burn and a white ash.