Many of our clients do not want to purchase a box of cigars outright, particularly if they are new to cigar smoking. Frequently people wish to become acquainted with the complexity of the Habano by trying a number of different brands and various sizes of cigar before buying a box. This way they can experiment and discover a specific brand or size of cigar, which suits their palate.

Below you will find an appetising selection of cigars that are available in packs of 3, 4 and even 5 cigars; arranged according to size or vitola, which will enable you to discover the joy of Havana’s and other fine cigars.

Many of these cigars represent the very best in their class and include sought after “Limited Editions” – cigars that are rare and may not be available in the future !

Remember, you can still buy small packs of regular cigars in your favourite brands by visiting either the Havana or Non – Havana cigar sections.

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