Cohiba Wide Shorts / Pack of 6


With an average smoking time of just 15-20 minutes, the Cohiba Wide Short is ideal for a short smoking break in between. It offers compressed Cohiba enjoyment and can be enjoyed comfortably in any situation. In terms of strength, it is slightly more intense than an average cigarillo, but remains in a mild to medium range.

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Length: 3 7/8″   Ring Gauge:32

The Cohiba Wide Short gets its name from its thicker ring gauge of 32, compared to the standard Shorts cigar with a ring gauge of 26. The length of the Wide Short is almost 4 inches, slightly longer than the standard Cohiba Shorts cigar, which measures 3 1/4 inches1.

Cohiba Shorts are the ideal choice for the smoker of mainstream cigars who wish to “upgrade” without a major leap in cost, or for the premium cigar smoker who would like to enjoy the unique taste of aroma of Cuban Tobacco During their now much briefer alfresco smoking breaks. The Shorts have the length of a Mini with the width of a Puritos. Like the Cohiba Clubs and the Minis, they use 100% Cuban tobacco and are machine rolled in Cuba.

Unlike the standard Cohiba Shorts, which come in boxes of 10, the new Wide Short is packaged in boxes of 6. These cigars are pre-cut, so you’ll only need a lighter when you have a box of these with you.
Tobacco Quality:
Although the Cohiba Wide Shorts are produced with Cohiba tobacco, they are short filler cigars. Due to their short filler nature, they may require a more delicate touch when smoking to avoid any harshness.

In summary, the Cohiba Wide Short offers a thicker ring gauge, a slightly longer length, and comes in smaller boxes. If you’re looking for a quick smoke with Cohiba’s signature tobacco quality, give these a try!

Cohiba Band.
Flavour: Medium to Full.

100% Cuban tobacco, machine rolled in Cuba

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