Event – A Dominican Republic Night of Exquisite Pleasure with University of Oxford Alumni Society

In the heart of refined indulgence, Cigars Unlimited recently played host to a Dominican Republic cigar tasting event that brought together the esteemed members of the University of Oxford Alumni Network Society. Picture an evening suffused with camaraderie, laughter, and the heady aromas of premium cigars, all set against the backdrop of the soulful melodies of the Buena Vista Social Club.

At the centre of this luxurious affair was the Compay Segundo cigar, a Premium Long Filler Robusto from the Dominican Republic. This meticulously crafted cigar pays tribute to the legendary Cuban musician, Compay Segundo, whose journey from a 14-year-old tobacco leaf roller to international fame in his nineties is as intriguing as the notes of his cigar-smoked tones. Like his grandmother, who lived to the remarkable age of 115, Compay attributed his longevity to life’s simple pleasures: cigars, rum, flowers, and love.

As our guests savoured the rich flavours of Compay Segundo cigars, the enchanting tunes of the Buena Vista Social Club filled the air, transporting everyone to the heart of Cuba. The harmonious blend of this musical phenomenon and the cigar experience created a unique and immersive atmosphere, resonating with the spirit of Compay Segundo himself.

The evening unfolded with a detailed presentation and tasting notes on the Compay Segundo cigar, providing our guests with insights into its origin, craftsmanship, and the artistry behind the blend. Alongside this distinguished cigar, we introduced the Vega Fina Robusto Tubo, offering a diverse range of tastes from the Dominican Republic. The flavours were expertly paired with shots of coffee and rum, encouraging guests to explore the intricate dance of tastes and aromas that make each cigar a unique experience.

To further elevate the evening, Mojitos and delectable finger foods were served, ensuring that the palate remained delighted throughout the tasting. The combination of refreshing Mojitos, flavorful bites, and the lingering taste of the cigars created a sensory symphony that left a lasting impression on our guests.

Our Dominican Republic cigar tasting event at Cigars Unlimited was more than just a celebration of craftsmanship and culture; it was an experience – a journey through the rich tapestry of flavours, aromas, and stories that make each cigar a work of art. As the evening unfolded, we discovered that it wasn’t just a tasting event; it was an exploration of life’s finer things. We look forward to hosting more such evenings, where aficionados and novices alike can come together to savour the exquisite pleasures that make life truly remarkable. Here’s to a night of refined indulgence and the simple joys that make life worth savouring!