“Medio Siglo” a New Vitola in Cohiba RELEASED !

"Medio Siglo" a New Vitola in Cohiba RELEASED !

London, England, 15 Mar 2017. As part of Cohiba's 50th anniversary celebrations last year, a new vitola or size was Introduced to their “La Linea 1492” or Siglo range called the Medio Siglo.Translating to “half century” the new cigar is the first new vitola to be added to the Siglo range of cigars since the Siglo VI back in 2002 and is destined to become as iconic.I believe this small, compact and chunky little cigar will have a huge impact and become a favourite of those who enjoy the brand. Why you may ask ? Well the Medio Siglo carries the girth of a Siglo VI ( 52 RING GAUGE ) and the length of a Siglo I ( 4 inches ). It's a hybrid of two hugely popular vitolas and epitomises the current fashion for short, fat cigars which can be consumed in a relatively short time frame.More importantly the blend of tobaccos is instantly recognisable as Cohiba at its best.They taste as good as they smoke. Enjoy !

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