New Cohiba Vitola Launched in Havana: Cohiba Pirámides Extra

New Cohiba Vitola Launched in Havana:  Cohiba Pirámides Extra

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 28.- The Cohiba Piramides Extra, the most recent vitola of the flagship brand of the Cuban cigar industry was launched this Tuesday at the 14th International Habano Festival in Havana.Cohiba Piramides Extra will be produced every year on limited editions and its blend includes a Medio Tiempo, a leave that give the cigar an exceptional flavor and character, Habanos S.A.'s Operative Marketing Director Ana Lopez told ACN at the launching. Lopez explained that obtaining such cigars takes hard work and care in every plantation and every tobacco plant, though regular harvests also depend on the changing weather conditions and the steady supply of raw materials.The new classic line embodies essential visual characteristics boasting an innovating band featuring holographic elements that make it easier to identify.Another novelty for 2012 is the introduction of cigar storage aluminum tubes which feature additional security measures, for instance, the embossed face of an indigenous man on both ends of the tube.