Cigars Unlimited recently had the privilege of participating in a truly remarkable event – the launch of the new Por Larrañaga 47. Hosted simultaneously at 47 different locations across the UK, this launch was a celebration of the rich tradition and craftsmanship of Cuban cigars.

The event, which kicked off on the 1st of November, was a testament to the enduring love for cigars in the UK. The fact that 47 locations were chosen for the launch highlights the widespread passion for these fine smokes. From select Havana Cigar Specialists to esteemed hospitality venues, these gatherings brought together cigar enthusiasts from all corners of the country.

The magic of the evening was in its synchronisation. At precisely 6:30 pm, the excitement began in venues across the UK. It was a nationwide celebration of the timeless art of cigar smoking.

The evening commenced with a special video message from Jemma Freeman, the Executive Chairman of Hunters & Frankau, and José Antonio Cejas Diaz, the Corporate Director of Hunters & Frankau. Their introduction to the Larrañaga 47 set the stage for what was to come. It was an invitation to partake in something truly special, an invitation to light up and savor the moment.

The Por Larrañaga 47 is more than just a cigar; it’s a testament to the dedication and expertise that go into creating these exquisite Habanos. The launch event was a reflection of this commitment, bringing together like-minded individuals to share in the pleasure of a finely crafted cigar.

The #PL47Launch Event @ Cigars Unlimited

Cigars Unlimited’s participation in this grand launch was a testament to their commitment to providing cigar aficionados with the best. This event was a celebration of tradition, quality, and the camaraderie that comes with enjoying a great cigar.

Not only did Cigars Unlimited have the honour of participating in this grand launch, but we were also graced with the presence of a special guest, Ana López, Marketing Director from Hunters & Frankau. Ana brought an extra layer of expertise and passion to the event, making it even more exceptional.

Tatiana & Ana
Tatiana & Ana enjoying a PL47

Ana López, representing Hunters & Frankau, added a touch of elegance and knowledge to the evening. Her presence allowed aficionados to delve deeper into the world of cigars, as she shared her expertise and insights. Ana’s firsthand experience and in-depth understanding of the Por Larrañaga 47 enhanced the event, giving attendees a unique opportunity to learn more about the cigar they were about to enjoy.

Her guidance and knowledge were invaluable as she helped enthusiasts explore the nuances of the Larrañaga 47, sharing the story behind this exquisite creation. Ana’s presence truly made this launch event a memorable experience, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to her for joining us in celebrating the art of cigars.

The inclusion of Ana López as a special guest at the launch was a testament to the commitment of Cigars Unlimited to provide not just cigars but also an educational and enriching experience for cigar lovers. It was an evening where aficionados not only savored the taste of the Larrañaga 47 but also deepened their understanding of the craftsmanship and history behind it, thanks to Ana’s presence.

In the world of cigars, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to learn from an expert like Ana López. Cigars Unlimited’s dedication to bringing such unique experiences to its customers is commendable and only adds to the allure of the Por Larrañaga 47 launch event.

Here’s to many more such events and to savoring the exceptional Por Larrañaga 47 – a cigar that truly embodies the essence of Cuban craftsmanship.