VEGAFINA World leading cigar brand from the Dominican Republic

Launched in 1998, VegaFina is today one of the world’s
bestselling handmade cigar brands. With a reputation for
quality and consistent balanced aromas, the cigars have
quickly attracted a large and loyal following. It is sold in
over 50 markets worldwide including Spain where it is one
of their leading premium brands.
Handmade in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera de
Garcia, one of the largest cigar factories in the world, the
brand takes its name from Vegas Finas which translates
to “finest fields”. These first-class fields are found on
plantations that are classed above all others for their
natural richness of soil and ideal climatic conditions.
Together with the skill and experience of the Dominican
farmer, they combine to produce the very finest tobacco
leaves. Only the best are selected for the blend of VegaFina
alongside other quality leaves harvested in Nicaragua and
Colombia. An elegant Connecticut Ecuador wrapper leaf
is used to dress each cigar.
Presented in dressed boxes, small packs and tubes,
VegaFina offers mild to medium bodied aromas with
subtle hints of cedar and almond.